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This is where I write about what interests me.

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Ones & Zeros

James Stratford

I rest my arm at the window of my taxi

As we pass through the ones and zeros.

Club sounds felt through my bones;

The smells of a world never lit in my nose.


No sense or culture here.

Just ones meeting zeros.

No purpose or thought;

Humans reduced to binary by beer and mojitos 


Vomit and brawls, 

Fast food in short skirts.

Shallow liaisons, repressed self-esteem;

The ones and zeros fuel the machine.


Sore heads on Sunday,

Memories incomplete.

No worth added to the race,

The never-lit world gone for another week


Another Monday, the same old question.

Sell the myth, be like the rest:

"Did you have fun on Saturday?"

"It was the best."


…but I digress.