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“Meh…” – It's Cool Not to Care. Or maybe it isn't, whatever.


This is where I write about what interests me.

“Meh…” – It's Cool Not to Care. Or maybe it isn't, whatever.

James Stratford

I hate apathy.

I get into passionate debates with people quite often and I love it. Yes, it can simmer over sometimes but I would rather meet a passionate person that I disagree with than someone who didn't give a crap about anything.

I hate the word 'meh.' When someone is so intellectually indifferent that they cannot even be bothered to form an actual word then I want to pull them out of their seat and shake them. Care, damn you!

I see a lack of passion everywhere. Sure, people get angry about things quite easily but how often do they get passionate in a positive way? How often do they wax lyrical about a hobby or a place or a band or a film? It doesn't matter what interests you but the moment nothing does, your brain begins to calcify. And we all have to share the planet with you.

'Meh' people suck in oxygen. They sap you of your own enthusiasm. They are the people that make great things less likely to happen. They're like a nasty bit of gristle in a tasty bit of chicken. They just spoil life's joy.

I don't care what you care about but care about something, or go and chew grass in a field with all the other bovines.

…but I digress.