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Courage in Creativity


This is where I write about what interests me.

Courage in Creativity

James Stratford

Displaying creativity is about bearing yourself in public. So many creative people are shy of showing their talent. Their shyness isn’t irrational. The fact is that when you create something and put it out into the world you will get criticism. It’s unavoidable.

That criticism might not be voiced. It might be that you play a song for a group of friends and one or two of them are just thinking you are awful but still politely smiling. When you put such a performance out into the wider public arena, you better believe you’re going to hear some of that negativity.

That means that being a creative requires courage. In effect, you’re saying ‘this is what I have made or what I can do, this is what I think is beautiful.’ There will always be those who don’t agree with you.

I guess what I want to say is that if you are a creative person then be bold, don’t be afraid to be wrong or get criticised. Do your best work, be honest and be proud of yourself for trying and for showing others what you have done.

Whether you are a creative person or not, you will find yourself on the other side at some point, consuming someone else’s work. Bear in mind how hard it can be for that person to show you what they are showing you. Be kind, respect what that took. Don’t be a git. It’s not funny or clever, it’s just an admission of small-mindedness.

Ultimately, we all want to live in a beautiful world and the way it gets more beautiful is by the collective efforts of creative people. It’s in all our interests to encourage each other. Call me naive but there’s no way around that fact. Think about it.

…but I digress.