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This is where I write about what interests me.

I Digress

James Stratford

This is the start of a personal project. 

Since I was young I've always had one fundamental difficulty; I digress. It took me a while to be able to put it that succinctly. In school I found that I was capable of doing almost anything quite well but there was no one thing that shouted at me "this is what you should do!"  I didn't excel in anything greatly more than anything else. It took a long time for me find a profession that combined several of my interests together effectively; I'm a photographer.

I love science. I love writing. I love foreign languages. I love writing songs. I also love computing. When I was younger I loved maths. My problem is that there is no one area that draws my attention again and again. Depending on how kind you want to be about it, I'm a Jack of all trades, master of none or a poor man's polymath.

Having now found a profession that I love doing and feel is my future, I've solved the biggest problem my difficulty caused me. However, I am presented with an issue when it comes to blogging. What do I blog about? I blog about photography on my business site but that wouldn't be the appropriate place to talk about science or computing. I need a space that is one great big miscellaneous category. This space is the intellectual mire into which you have now wandered.

I hope some people decide to follow what I write and find it thought-provoking and entertaining. I'll be writing it for the love of creating the content but I won't pretend that it wouldn't give me enormous pleasure to find that others got something out of what I wrote. You'll find posts pulled from my photography blog, posts on music, posts on local history and just about everything else. Like I say, I digress.